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Sunday, December 1st 2013

2:44 PM

What I've learned while being a care-giver?

Things mothers already know
  • Sharp knives go blade-down in the dishwasher
  • Don't leave the stove unattended while heating milk
  • Food tastes much better when you're not the one who cooked it
  • They should make half-sized Saran Wrap for smaller bowls
  • The bathroom is a good hiding place
  • Washing machines have a separate compartment for the bleach
  • When dicing onions...keep your index finger clear of the blade
  • The Fuller Brush Man hasn't come in years
  • It's mace in eggnog...not paprika!! I'm sure I'll never hear the end of that
  • There's never a fingertip bandaid around when you need it
  • Making the bed every day is a waste of time
  • More detergent does NOT make the clothes cleaner
  • There's really no time to watch The Price Is Right
  • After the meal is over...there's still more work to be done in the kitchen
  • There's a light in the oven
  • Soap suds are very difficult to get up off the floor
  • The mail comes at 4:30
  • The next meal is planned as soon the last dish is put away
  • I need warning before having people for dinner
  • Knives go to the right
  • Be careful how much flour you use when making brown gravy
  • The fork has no friend
  • Dishwashers alone do not make glasses sparkle. And I thought...
  • Everyone should wipe their feet when entering a house
  • Keep the whites separate
  • I'm not allowed to sew anymore
  • Turkeys take four hours a pound to defrost in the fridge
  • Nobody uses mops any more
  • You need to clean the filter after every dry cycle
  • It's called plastic wrap now
  • Floors are the most difficult things to keep clean
  • Folding underwear is waste of time
  • Always compliment the cook
  • All houses should have a dishwasher AND a pan washer
  • Permanent Press isn't
  • There is no time for reading during the day
  • It's a long walk from the clothes hamper to the washing machine
  • There is no use for two quarts of extra brown gravy
  • It's very difficult to wash the floor behind the toilet
  • Folding socks is a waste of time
  • Taking a cat-nap is much better than holding the remote
  • Floor sponges hold no water at all
  • All houses should be one level
  • Never fry bacon in your underwear
  • There's no light in the freezer
  • Three meals a day is far too many
  • Never put any...I mean any, colors in with the whites
  • It's also very difficult to wash the back of the toilet
  • Most day-time phone calls are tele-marketers
  • Please wait till my floor dries before walking on it
  • The bathroom is a good place to cry
  • Maybe they should take off their shoes instead
  • It's incredible how much hair can collect in the bathtub
  • It's not nice to leave clothes where they fall
  • Bring back the old fashioned mop
  • Never say, "What! Meatloaf again?" to the cook
  • BTW...it's nutmeg
  • Sometimes I'm just too tired to have sex
  • Eating Chocolate makes me close my eyes and moan now


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Posted by Suzy:

Just read this again! Laughing hysterically! Love you Daddy.
Friday, January 20th 2012 @ 3:27 PM

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