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Monday, October 28th 2013

2:24 PM

Pam is doing much better. That's great!!....or is it

Well, Pam's been home for seven days now, and it's been ten since her knee replacement surgery.
She's finally doing much better with her pain, which is a lot better now than a week ago. That's mostly because she has finally gotten into good regimen with her pain meds (that's short for medications...I'm learning so much). At first it was either too little or too many; the former being the worse, because it was very hard for her to do her physical therapy on a regular basis, having all that pain. So, one thing benefits the other, making her exercises the recommended three times a day now, which she had a hard time keeping up with in the earlier stages.
Like I said, her PT (short for Physical Therapist...see?) comes three times a week, and each time she comes she pulls out her goniometer to measure the operated leg. I just love using the trade terms. Makes me feel like I"m pre-med, or something.
Yes, that was goniometer....pronounced goniometer. It's a close resemblance to one of my woodworking tools.

So like I was saying...Pam is doing just great, and getting better day by day. One may think that's all good news. Not so. The guys will be more understanding as to why it's not that great a thing that Pam is moving around much better these days.
Let me back up a bit to better get to what I'm trying to explain here.
For the past forty-two years that we've been married, Pam has had one of those predominant woman's intuitions. What is it?
We husbands can get up from the couch for different reasons; getting a snack in the kitchen, getting the remote from the other chair, maybe a drink of water, getting the TV Guide to see when the game's starting. Here's where being a wife kicks in. It's the intuition where a wife somehow can tell when her husband gets up from the couch to go to the bathroom. It's a sure thing that it reminds her that she also has to go. Why is that? Like I said, it's been happening like clockwork for 42 years. We husbands always have to wait.
Well guys, that all changed this past week. I've been in my glory.
With her walker, it takes her forever to get to the john. As soon as I see her hand reach for the walker, I now jump up from the couch, run to the bathroom, do what I have to, including washing and drying my hands...and when I come out and head back to the couch...Pam isn't even halfway through the kitchen, let alone close to the bathroom.
I'm getting so confident now that I'm pretty sure I could even squeeze in a short shower, and still be dressed before she reaches the hallway. Then there's that telltale warning that she is getting closer; the thumping of the walker on the floor every time she takes one of her four inch steps.

Hmmmmm, maybe even a shave?
Guys!!!!! I'm in my glory. Or at least I was. She's getting better and faster day by day. I guess I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I'll keep you all posted with her progress
If I'm still alive, that is....

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