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Monday, October 21st 2013

3:22 PM

Pam's back home

The Eagle has landed!!
No, no...that sounds terrible.
The Dove has perched!!
That's dumb.
Lemmee think.
My Chickadee is home!!
Scratch that. I never did like WC Fields.

Ok, to avoid the risk of making it sound too profound.
Pam's home!!
That should be all in caps, too.

We just got home.
Sorry I didn't get my Morning Report out this morning, but I had to get to the hospital earlier than usual.

We dropped off a few prescriptions on the way home, then Pam got out of the car (she did it on her own)...used crutches to get into the house, managing the six brick front steps...then very nicely maneuvered the six steps in the house. I set her up in a nice straight-backed kitchen chair in front of the TV with her (my) clicker and returned to the store to pick up her script.
When I got back, she was still on the chair, fully decided that she needed a nap.
I just tucked her in. She also sounded very positive, telling me that her pain was a 2.
That's hospital talk for pain. I catch on fast. I've been getting very educated this past week. Let me tell you, a 2 is much better than two days ago when they couldn't get it below a ten for some time, so that was good news for me.
I must confess, as soon as I closed the bedroom door just now, I ran to the fridge and poured myself a tall glass of wine. Pam can't have wine while she's on those pain pills. She'll never know. I'll have to remember to use a little Listerine.

The visiting nurse will be here tomorrow, following up with three times a week. They will be taking out the stitches in two weeks. Also, Pam's doctor says no shower for two weeks, until they come out. Just sponge baths.
Today was on-the-job training day. They brought Pam into a fully, set-up kitchen, with refrigerator, stove, sink, counter tops...the whole nine yards. They even had a make shift, full sized car in the corner. Everything they could think of to train her how to do things when she got home. It was amazing. The only thing they didn't have that I  would have liked to see was a lawn mower, and garden rake. But that's ok...I'm thinking that maybe the visiting nurses will tend to that training.  A little each day is much better.

Suzie is coming this evening with two of the grand kiddies. That should be the best medicine Pam could get right now. She said she's bringing a full chicken dinner, which will be the best medicine for Pops. That's for sure.
So, this will be the last Pam Watch email. Thanks to all for listening to my diatribes through all of this. It always helps to talk to friends when challenges face us, and I thank everyone for being so sensitive with me.
I know that I can get a bit wordy at times. At least that's what Pam says. I know...I know...it's hard to believe.
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Posted by Pam:

Good morning Everyone!

Well, Charlie has got me up sitting on the couch, reading all his Pam Watch Messages
and all your wonderful return emails. Thank you all so much for the prayers and love and
TLC you gave him during this very stressful period. I must say he had me in 'TEARS"
from laughing at his comments. I agree with many of you that say he should write
a daily blog about "Life with Charlie." He told me when we got married, that we would
probably never be exorbitantly rich, but life would always be exciting, and never boring,
and that was no lie!

It was so funny, because every morning, after someone entered my room, the first questions
would be about how I felt, and the next question would be: "When is Charlie coming in today?"
I think they adjusted their appointment times with me so that they were sure to be there
when he was there. One morning my nurse Jim was talking about my incision, and I heard
a groan from Charlie's side of the room, and up he got and headed for the door.
Jim said, "Is he OK?" I said he will be OK. He just has too active an imagination. He has to
go out and get some fresh air. Later, Jim came back in and said "I just checked on Charlie.
He is down in the waiting room, and is supervising the PT person doing stairs with
another patient. He will be back soon." Charlie soon knew everyone's name and
was being consulted on lots of different things. He was kept very busy, and
is keeping me on a strict routine here at home too.

I am able to walk around using the walker, (I do not like the crutches yet.
I feel so unstable with them, but everyone tells me I will like them better as time goes on.)
The most pain I have is when I have to bend my knee, sitting down, getting in and out of bed, etc.
The incision is healing well, and starting to get itchy.

My PT person will be coming about noontime to get us going on my
rehab exercises, and checking on how we are doing.

Richie came to visit on the last night of my hospital stay, along with Suzy, staying about two hours.
They took the hint when they saw me falling asleep as they were talking to me. Oh my.

Suzy and the kids came last night and brought a roasted chicken dinner. It tasted so good.
I don't have much appetite, but home cooked food is always so much better.
The grand-kids, Cora and Jacob, came too. It was so good to get those little hugs.
Of course they entered with their arms up and running across the floor,
yelling "Nanny!" Then Suzy screamed out "Stop! Remember Nanny's knee."
It worked out Ok, and I had to report to them all about the knee, and show them my
breathing machine, etc, Our son, Charles came over too, so that was nice to have
so many family members welcoming me home.

I was really exhausted and went to bed early. I had "hit the wall" so to speak, and could hardly talk.
Charlie jumped out of bed every time I turned on the light, and ran around to help me
get up to go to the bathroom. I have to sleep on my back because the knee is too
sore to bend on my side, but hopefully that will change soon.

Charlie is cleaning the kitchen now, and there are some strange sounds coming from there.
I have my morning cup of "real" coffee, and all is right with the world.
Thanks again for your TLC, and we will keep you posted.

Lot of Love and Hugs to all,

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Monday, October 24th 2011 @ 9:21 AM

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