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Sunday, October 20th 2013

9:18 AM

The Pam Watch continues

Previously on the Pam Watch....
As you can see, I watch too much TV. Let me begin again.

I'll be going back to the hospital soon. It's now 8 am (Thursday). I just got off of the phone with Pam for her daily report.
She had a tougher night than the night before. Seems the pain was quite intense. Reason being is that it's the first night without the nerve block in the front part of the knee, so she said she felt new pains. The good thing is that they did finally adjust the meds to go along with the new situation. Another good sign is that they settled on two pain killers instead of the three she was getting the previous night. So that, without the nerve block, looks like a good sign.
Another thing is that her blood pressure was low during the night, so they worked on getting it back up. She did mention 90 over 68 at one point. I wish I had known that. They should have called me. All they had to do was tell them they saw a spider in her room. That would have done the trick.
I'll mention that to the staff when I get there later this morning.
Oh, they took one more hoses out this morning. I won't go into which one, for fear of embarrassing her. But I can say that Pam said that they'll be waiting to see if she can go on her own. Whatever that means.
Another thing is that they'll be leaving the IV in until they get that blood pressure steady, and back up to normal on a regular basis. Like I said though...that will be rectified when I get there. Maybe I'll bring one of our resident spiders.
She walked a little more yesterday and sat in a chair to eat lunch. They took the brace off while she was in the chair so she could bend the knee. Today it'll be learning to walk on crutches, graduating from the walker. They'd rather her not to use the walker at home.
She'll also be doing stairs today, in preparation for tomorrow's discharge. They were talking about her leaving today, but she wants to stay one more day until her original scheduled date, tomorrow. Not sure, but maybe that blood pressure incident will keep it to tomorrow.

Me? I'm doing just fine...heated up some macaroni last night, along with two meatballs and one hot sausage. Pam made a big pot of gravy, with all of the meat trimmings, before she left. But I do have to make my own snacks. I had no idea it was so easy to make onion dip. Just to let anyone who isn't aware, the instructions are right on the back of the package. Also, I was tempted to cook some of those mushrooms I picked last week, but I'd better wait for Pam's supervision for that. I can't wait.
I'll have to build some sort of tennis referee's chair for her and put it in the middle of the kitchen for when she comes home. She can coach me from there.
I'm starving!
And another thing. I can't, for the life of me, find the washing machine manual. Why in the world did they have to put four dials on top? Just to confuse people? I always thought it was "wash" and "stop."

And I'll have to make my own bacon and eggs this morning, that's one thing she didn't make in advance.
And Pam did all of this while raising three kids? And me?

Oh, I do take the laptop into the hospital, so she's keeping up with her emails. Not quite up to answering them yet, but she does see them.
Thanks for listening. I need to talk to someone in this quiet house.
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