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Saturday, October 19th 2013

8:15 AM

The morning after the procedure

Hi all!
I'll try to make this brief, and to the point as I'm busy cooking breakfast and cleaning house, not to mention getting my own snacks last night. These house chores are quite something indeed.
Don't tell Pam though. I told her that all was going well on the home front. I was even able to cut my own cheese and pepperone for my Ritz crackers last night. I'm still not sure why she had to hide those band aids in the far corner of the linen closet. I just thought of something. It just dawned on me...maybe there's some in the medicine cabinet. Oh well...

Yesterday I got back to the hospital at about 1 pm. She was awake and alert. Not too shabby, being only five hours since her surgery. There was enough ice packed on her knee to service the USS Enterprise. There was also many assorted tubes attached to her, but we won't go into that. I'd hate to make anyone whoozie.
Hold on...I need to get a glass of cold water.
I'm back...whew, that was close..but I digress.

It wasn't long before the physical therapy guys came in. Two young strapping fellows, looking like they just came from the gym. It was obvious that Pam didn't mind that at all. I spent the better part of the next five minutes trying to keep the back of her johnny closed. Geez!!

Anyway, they helped her out of bed for her first walk. Imagine, here it was, no more than six hours after her surgery and here she was, going for her first walk.
Letting her push herself onto the walker from the bed, alone, they stood by her side as she walked to the door, and back. It was slow, but she did just fine. I think the anticipation was the hardest part for her. She did just fine. That's my gal.

Remember, she does have a nerve block for the front part of the knee, which I'm sure helped her through this part of the rehab.
Getting her back into bed and lying her on her back, one of the guys bent her knee while recording the maximum angle of bend. He was very pleased as it was 87ยบ. Like I said, he was impressed and said that she was ahead of the game at this point. That was good to hear. He also said not to be surprised if there was less of a bend tomorrow (today), after they take the nerve block out.

Luckily, her roommate is a nice lady from the western part of the commonwealth. Her daughter is one of the nurses which I'm sure will help to have that connection. Who knows...maybe it'll get Pam an extra container of Jello. Oh, I almost forgot...Pam's on a liquid diet for now. She's hoping to be on solids by the end of the day, today. We'll see. Speaking of food, I had dinner with her last night. She had chicken broth with Jello, (one tub, humph) along with some tea and I got some cafeteria food. Chicken cordon bleu, broccoli and mashed potatoes. Pam said she didn't mind. I think she did. But that's Pam.
I got her a coffee from the caf. Pam's not a tea drinker.

She does have that nerve block, blocking the feeling in the front part of the knee, she's also taking two pain killers every three hours. They upped her dosage late afternoon, because the pain was getting worse. She called me this morning at six, telling me that they upped it again last night, after I left.
They woke her up every three hours for her meds and readings...or whatever they take.
She said she didn't sleep that well, but did get enough..off and on. They did tell her to call the staff if she wanted to turn onto her side, but she stayed on hre back all night. Pam's not a "lie on your back sleeper," but she didn't want to cause trouble, so she never did call them to turn her. That's my wife. She'd rather tough it out, than bother anyone. Anyway, all in all, I think she had a good night.

The PT guys said they'll probably take her down the back stairway today to get her ready for going home. Seems they can't let you go home until you can maneuver stairs. The plan is to come home Friday, but Thursday isn't out of the question.
I told Pam to push for Friday. It won't kill me to survive with saltines and water for one more day.

I'll keep you all posted as best I can.
Needless to say, she'll need lots of prayers and love to help get though this. Thanks, I'm sure she can depend on you guys.
Did I say I'll be taking her laptop in today? She'll be able to read all your emails.
That'll be nice, I'm sure.
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